[x = op (x)]2

for two taperecorders, loudspeakers,
microphones and a papertube
soundinstallation for the deutzer bruecke, koeln


deutzer bruecke, cologne (photo: brigitte burgmer)

the title is derived from a forumla described by heinz von foerster.
what is sounding and to be heard (x) becomes part of what will be sounding and will be heard (op) by continous superimposition on a tape-loop ().

a small-scale system (papertube and little guitaramp) and a large-scale system (two speakers and two microphones on either end of the the bridgespace)
are interfering with each other (2) thru the same tape delay.
each of these systems articulates space in its particular way.
acoustic emissions of the visitors may become part of the sounding process.

commissioned by BrueckenMusik III, 14./15. 06. 97

listen to some audio:

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