computermusik I - exploded view

for a
computer-corpse and live-elektronics


heart-gallery, mannheim (photo: andreas wagner)

1996 i started exploring the instrumental potential of an old and out-of-service computer, not in terms of of bits and bytes, but by a direct attack to the circuit-board.
signals are taken from the „legs“ of the circuitry, the "working - rhythms" of the computer are transposed into the audible range by ringmodulation, paths and changes in the innermost of the machine are unveiled.
because of the irreversible changes resulting from those intrusions and manipulations, it is impossible to produce repeatable results: even a short rehearsal with the chosen computer changes its inner structure to such an extent, that results on stage would be totally different.
thus preparation in this case means gathering experiences with the setup in order to gain a repertory of sound-finding strategies, facing an unknown computer on stage.
to make the process of try and error easier to follow for the audience, the circuitboard is tracked by a camera and the images are projected on a screen.

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